Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is accepted from Bartholomew County residents at the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center at 720 S. Mapleton during regular hours. Remember to always handle HHW with care. Keep away from children and pets.

The following is a menu of the HHW we accept:

* Please make sure all paints, thinners and weed/brush killer containers are properly labeled.
Latex paints can be dried out and placed with your regular trash for collection.

The following materials will NOT be accepted at the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center

Residential and small quantities of these unaccepted materials can be solidified by drying and placed with regular trash for proper disposal.
For businesses and large quantities, contact National Environmental by calling 317-791-2200.
For more information about accepted HHW items, please call 812-376-2614.